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Sunday, Feb 05 at Unity Athens: “Ho’oponopono”

Posted on February 22nd, 2017

We begin our Month of Love with some focused Ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian ancient spiritual practice of "making things right." Is there anyone or thing in your life that you feel judgment toward? Angst, aggravation or anger? Disappointment or worry? We are a collective consciousness and what we think and focus upon has creation energy. We'll take a look at Ho'oponopono and then give ourselves some time in a serene meditative state to "work it" and thus, work "out" the appearance of any possible angsty kinks in our lives. And if you are in total peace and love right now, that's also wonderful -- listen from a place of those good vibrations!

Message by Rev. Bronte Colbert
Opening recorded music: Sung by Dixie Smith; Lyrics & Music by Karen Drucker